What temperature effects are there during a CAPSULaser procedure?

The CAPSULaser technique is a Selective Laser Capsulotomy approach that only causes a local thermal effect in the lens capsule.

  • First and foremost, the laser energy is only absorbed by the CAPSULBlue.
  • Second, the total energy entering the eye is substantially less than a femtosecond-laser procedure and there are no bubbles produced during the CAPSULaser procedure.
  • Finally, pre-clinical studies have directly measured peak temperature at the endothelium, iris, and retina. In all cases, the temperature rise was less than 0.2 °C for less than 0.1 s.
  • For a comparison to other technologies utilized in cataract surgery, the temperature increase for phacoemulsification is substantially higher for a much longer period of time.