Richard Packard ESCRS CAPSULaser Symposium

ESCRS CAPSULaser® Symposium Series – Part 4 “CE Study Overview ”

Mr Richard Packard explores the Efficacy & Safety profile of CAPSULaser as he shares the “CAPSULaser CE Study Overview”. In this presentation, Mr Packard concludes that the accuracy of diameter, circularity and centration is superior to the manual capsulotomy control group and that these results indicate that the selective laser capsulotomy performed by CAPSULaser may be an important factor in the ongoing improvement of outcomes with premium IOLs.

Coming Soon – to be released 29th November – Dr Erik Mertens presents the final instalment which outlines his “Early Impressions of CAPSULaser” and gives a step by step guide to its usage.

Richard Packard for Capsulaser