Intraocular dye for cataract surgery

Intraocular dye for cataract surgery

Intraocular dye for cataract surgery

CAPSULBlue intraocular dye has been specifically formulated for anterior segment surgery where better visualization of the anterior capsule is required. The optimum concentration, low volume (0.15ml) delivery has been manufactured to the highest levels of filtration and purification to provide a highly efficient but localized stain of the capsule.

The ideal partner for the CAPSULaser Selective Laser Capsulotomy (SLC) system, CAPSULBlue provides enhanced performance when it comes to staining the anterior capsule in preparation for capsulotomy.

(27g Cannula included )

CAPSULBlue from CAPSULaser

The New Standard in Anterior Capsule Staining

Fast Acting

CAPSULBlue® has a significantly faster stain rate than other commercially available Trypan Blue Solutions.

Intense Staining

CAPSULBlue is a patented formulation with an optimized concentration of trypan blue that provides the most effective anterior capsule stain available.

Purity & Confidence

CAPSULBlue is manufactured under a proprietary purification and filtration process that consistently ensures the highest quality intraocular stain available.


Intense Staining

CAPSULBlue - Intense Staining

An intense capsule stain every time, highlights paracentesis incisions for easy access.


Phaco - CAPSULBlue

Dramatically aids visualization of the capsulotomy during phaco.

Lens Implantation

Lens Implantation - CAPSULBlue

An ideal aid for “In the Bag” IOL placement.

Challenging Cases

Challenging Cases

An essential tool for use with mature cataracts with no red reflex


The only trypan blue approved for use with CAPSULaser.


CompositionTrypan blue ophthalmic solution
DescriptionCAPSULBlue is a sterile trypan blue solution for use in anterior segment ophthalmic surgery. This ophthalmic dye is specifically formulated to aid in the visualization of the anterior capsule and for use with the CAPSULaser Selective Laser Capsulotomy (SLC) system.
Indications• Anterior capsulotomy
• Capsulorhexis
• Phacoemulsification
• Small incision cataract surgery
• Extracapsular cataract surgery
Sterilization MethodSteam
SupplyBox: 10 units
Contains a 0.15ml prefilled glass syringe
Shelf Life2 years
StorageStore below 30⁰C