Professor Burkhard Dick - CAPSULaser Symposium Introduction

ESCRS CAPSULaser® Symposium Series – Part1

Los Gatos, CA – EXCEL-LENS, Inc. presents the CAPSULaser ESCRS symposium highlights in a 6 part series to be released weekly

Part 1 released today – The Introduction presented by Professor Burkhard Dick focuses on “From Capsulorhexis to Capsulotomy – Why CAPSULaser?”

Part 2 to be released 8th November – Mr Sheraz Daya shares “Parameters Effecting Capsulotomy”

Part 3 to be released 15th November – Dr Pavel Stodulka presents his “Clinical Experience with CAPSULaser”

Part 4 to be released 22nd November – Mr Richard Packard explores the Efficacy & Safety profile of CAPSULaser in giving a “CE Study Overview”

Part 5 to be released 29th November – Dr Erik Mertens presents the final instalment which outlines his “Early Impressions of CAPSULaser” and gives a step by step guide to its usage.

Professor Burkhard Dick - CAPSULaser Symposium Introduction