Mr Sheraz Daya ESCRS CAPSULaser Symposium

ESCRS CAPSULaser® Symposium Series – Part2 “Parameters Effecting Capsulotomy”

Mr Sheraz Daya presents “Parameters Effecting Capsulotomy”  comparing the elasticity and fracture strength of manual CCC, femtosecond laser and selective laser capsulotomies (SLC). The data presented by Mr Daya is part of a study performed by Professor Soon Phaik Chee at the Singapore National Eye Centre and in collaboration with Mr Richard Packard, Arnott Eye Associates , London demonstrating the benefits of SLC over both CCC and femtosecond laser in the construction of anterior capsulotomies.

Coming Soon – Part 3 to be released 15th November – Dr Pavel Stodulka presents his “Clinical Experience with CAPSULaser”

Mr Sheraz Daya