Dr Pavel Stodulka ESCRS CAPSULaser Symposium

ESCRS CAPSULaser® Symposium Series – Part3 “Clinical Experience with CAPSULaser”

Dr Pavel Stodulka was the first ophthalmologist in the world to use CAPSULaser and has been involved from the beginning in both the clinical use and the ongoing development of this Selective Laser Capsulotomy (SLC) technology. In this presentation Pavel presents his experience and gives some early insights to the importance of automated capsulotomy in the ongoing evolution of ever improving visual outcomes for patients.

Coming Soon – Part 4 to be released 22nd  November – Mr Richard Packard explores the Efficacy & Safety profile of CAPSULaser as he shares the “CAPSULaser CE Study Overview”

Dr Pavel Stodulka ESCRS CAPSULaser® Symposium Series Capsulaser